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Devil's Advocate

Title: Devil's Advocate
Type: Fanfic
Fandom: AU!Naruto
Word count: 532
Character(s): Tenten; brief mentions of Uchiha Sasuke, Orochimaru, Rock Lee
Pairing(s): Maybe a small hint of Sasuke/Tenten
Warning(s): ... *snerk* Unintentionally appropriate canon references
Disclaimer: I own nothing but these words.
Note: Short and randomly written fic/drabble inspired by a conversation concerning [ THIS ] quiz.
Dedicated to: its_game_time and alory_shannon

He was suppose to be dead.

She had seen it for herself, the image coming up in the young woman's mind clear as day, even as the thought scrolled through her consciousness. Even as the pictures flashed through ever second of that night. - A blood-stained body too cold to be living, bullet shells and divots in the ground circling around the lifeless man at her feet. - A mob hit, they had called it. Or the bloodied results of a war gone horribly wrong. And both she and Sasuke were sent to investigate. To clean up the mess left behind. Because no one else wanted the assignment and they were still fresh from the precinct.

Grunt work always went to the new blood.

His minions and associates - the ones they were able to capture - were more than happy to spill their guts and divulge information about black market dealings and government-funded researches. But all she remembered was the white face frozen in a silent scream. Shrieking in hell, Tenten had thought at the time, and well deserving of the punishment for all the trouble and heartache he once caused for the trail of innocents he left behind.

She had seen a lot in her career. The both of them had face against dangers beyond anything in her wild imaginings. But none had been more troublesome - none posed more of a threat to everything they stood for - than a man named Orochimaru.

A man who was supposed to be dead, but seemed very much alive as he tried to squeeze the life out of her.

Gnarled and rotted raw-black from the virus, his hand pressed in around the soldier's throat with the clear intent of crushing it; to grind it into dust under the pressure. And if not for the sharp pull of Sasuke's thickened fingers around the other's wrist, Tenten knew her neck would've been snapped in the next instance. Or worse. After all, body modification was not something the Doctor shied away from. And then, there would be no more need to worry about the Change.

Her body went sailing through the air, rolling and jerking with them in the man's grip until the sharp slam of Orochimaru's knuckles against the broken rock forced his hand open. Just enough for the young woman to find her margin of escape.

It would have been easy to simply run and never look back, after that. Sasuke had already begun to turn. She would not be too far off in her own transformation. And Lee was on the search to find them both, no doubt; to save them, with time running out fast. But she didn't.

Deep down, Tenten wasn't the kind of girl who ran away from a fight.

It's not how she was wired. It wasn't what Sasuke needed from her. So, in setting her stance, the young woman set the pale monster in the sight of her gun and waited for the right time to pull the trigger, taking her time and bleeding out the world around her. Now, more than ever, she needed to focus. Now, more than ever, she needed that hundred percent accuracy.
Tags: ch: orochimaru, ch: rock lee, ch: tenten, ch: uchiha sasuke, fic: dawn of the undead, ship: sasuke/tenten, type: fanfic, type: writing
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