Keeper of the Scrolls (endless_scrolls) wrote,
Keeper of the Scrolls


Title: Bittersweet
Type: Fanfic
Fandom: Naruto
Theme: "Things that happen in Konoha at 3 am."
Character(s): Tenten; brief mentions of Uchiha Sasuke, Orochimaru
Pairing(s): None.
Warning(s): None.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but these words.
Note: Written as a reply to a 24 Hour Meme request.
Dedicated to: Um... whoever made the request I suppose. Sorry it took so long. >_>;

The yellow glow of his eyes were the least of her worries, she knew. And so, while it still unnerved her to face the last remaining trace of the Snake Lord's control on him, the kunoichi signaled for the young man to proceed. Their plan couldn't continue - couldn't last long outside of the underground base that had been their home for what seemed like a lifetime - until the seal was set in place.

Their lives and all their efforts depended on it. No one could know. And for some odd months until the lock on her memories broke, neither would she...

Gasping into the night, the kunoichi woke with a cold start, jumping up from the pillow in a fit of alarm. Eyes darting about the room, her initial instinct was to locate the intruder and dispose of him quickly. It was only after finding the apartment empty and quiet save for the soft pants heaving from her throat that she realized her mistake. That the young woman remembered her revelation.

Her mind swam with what still remained of her dream, slowly working her way back through it from end to beginning until it all became clear.

It had been the perfect plan.

Still, Tenten was wary of the validity of the truths that started to bloom in her memories, not trusting to what seemed real and what might have been lingering effects of some genjutsu gone wrong. Her missions had been bruital as of late, after all.

It had all been a lie. Everything she did, everything she believed in the last few months - her life - was all one elaborate deception. And Tenten wasn't sure to be in awe of it, or to be angered beyond belief.

Sasuke... she had made a deal with Sasuke.

Even now, with the images flooding her consciousness, she couldn't believe it. This had to have been some trick he implanted inside of her during their time in Sound; some fail-safe assurance that he would have at least one trump card up his sleeve. but then, if that were the case, why had it been triggered now? And what would Tenten do about it?

But though she was reluctant and filled with disbelieve over the sudden revelation - regardless of every doubt or lie that her mind fabricated into reason - a part of the kunoichi knew and understood: there was nothing more real and honest in Tenten's life than this; than these memories that flooded her mind, even now. She had been a willing participant to this bargain with the devil. And despite whatever she assumed or thought she felt, the young woman knew that she would answer the siren's call.

Tenten would play the puppet to his devious strings and return to Sasuke's side. It was simply a matter of preparing for her departure. Of choosing when the village would taste her betrayal.
Tags: ch: orochimaru, ch: tenten, ch: uchiha sasuke, type: fanfic, type: request, type: writing
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