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Keeper of the Scrolls

No Place I'd Rather Be

Title: No Place I'd Rather Be
Type: Fanfic
Fandom: AU!Naruto
Word count: 969
Character(s): Hatake Kakashi, nameless kunoiochi
Pairing(s): None.
Warning(s): None.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but these words.
Note: Just a little something that simply would not leave my headspace until I wrote it out.
Dedicated to: The Miro-pup. Always the Miro-pup ♥

Shifting his hand, he gave a fond sort of smile under the cloth mask as the lump against his palm seemed to move with him. And when the shinobi's hand began to glow with the warmth of his chakra, the surface began to stretch and shift until it peaked to a blunt point, as if the little fetus was reaching out to touch at the energy she knew to be his.

"If you're done playing with the baby..."

At the soft inquiry, the Copy-nin lifted his gaze up from the roundness of her stomach, a curious quirk in his thin silver brow. "Hm?"

And in spite of the pain she may have been feeling - in spite of how the kunoichi's face strained to suffer through the discomfort of having her insides be at the mercy of this little life inside of her - he could only soften at just how beautiful her smile seemed in that moment. There hadn't been many in the last few months, and perhaps that was mostly his fault.

"I'd like to be able to breathe, again."

"Ah..." Sheepishly, Kakshi reached to rub at the back of his head, realizing just how much the fetus' movements directly affected her. "Sorry."

She never asked for this. Frankly, neither did he.

Yes, at some point, the young shinobi knew and understood that the discussion of children would eventually come up, as all matters would in due time. But for his part and opinion, their relationship was still so new, and his grasp of them was still... virginal, for lack of a better term. To be thrown into a pregnancy and the idea of offsprings, even if it was with her...

Deep down, he knew he wasn't ready; neither of them were. They were veterans of war, but still children at sixteen. However, when the words left her lips and the confirmation was shoved firmly into his hands, there had been no hesitation in his decision. Even without the stipulation of needing to repopulate the village after all the lives they had lost in the war, he would have said yes. Kakashi would still wish to keep the baby.

"It's alright," she replied with a soft chuckle, "It's cute watching you with her."

Normally, he would have been embarrassed at such a comment - perhaps even flustered at even being associated with the word. But behind closed doors and thick walls (and a dark, thick curtain closed tight over a set of double windows), he found that he... did not mind it so much when it was just her. When it was just them.

Without the glow of his hand, this time, the young man passed his palm over the swell of her stomach once more, stroking the skin in smooth passes and effectively petting the child underneath as well. And much like before, the surface of her skin across the abdomen seemed to come alive with movement as the child seemed to roll in reaction to each touch. It went on for a few moments more before Kakashi finally decided to stop before he received another swift knock to the head for his troubles.

"I think we may have ourselves a little Sensor, in there."

She scoffed in turn, lifting her head from the pillow just long enough to say her piece. "Or maybe she just really takes after you, Wolf Boy."

He blinked at that, taking the words for what they were: a backhanded insult made with the most fondest of cruelties. Because that was how their relationship worked. It was how they always worked. Even now, the give and take of their banter settled as a strong foundation for their budding little family. It was, perhaps, not the most traditional of constructions. But deep down, Kakashi knew that he would not have it any other way.

Feeling... more hopeful at her words than she likely intended, he let the awe and thoughtfulness resonate in his response. "You... you think so?"

"...St-stop it with that stupid grin of yours, I was just kidding." And in spite of the insults or the frustrated huff she gave to his comment, the young Leaf-nin could only smile knowingly at the light dust of pink that slowly spread across the bridge of her nose. "Gods, if she took after you, I think I'd throw a fit."

To placate her sour disposition, and possibly even to further feed her embarrassment, Kakashi leaned in and nuzzled at her jaw, making sure to pay particular attention to the juncture where it joined smoothly with her neck. And, with a deep and slow inhale to take in her ever changing mixture of hormones, he reached around her swelling middle and gently pulled her in closer, finding rather pleasantly that she fitted and molded to his body near perfectly.

"It wouldn't be your first tantrum," he quipped, pressing a clothed-covered kiss to the crook of her neck, "Likely not your last, either."

And regardless of how she felt or what she feigned to feel towards him, the Copy-nin knew that it would be a hopeless battle for her the moment he saw her facade crack. Even though she fought to hold on to her resolve, already, the scowl was crumbling in wake of the schoolgirl smile that she always fought to hide. That he always sniffed out to find. And when she finally shifted and turned in his arms to nuzzle him back, Kakashi claimed his victory without pause. After all, the young shinobi had already begun to see himself as victorious. Because with happy grins and warm snuggles in the comforts of their warm bed, there was hardly a reason to doubt that anything was possible for child soldiers just looking for a little piece of life and peace to call their own.
Tags: ch: hatake kakashi, comm: sunshine, fic: you are my sunshine, type: fanfic, type: writing
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